I have nothing to say. But even that sentence, I see, is saying something, which makes it untrue, or both true and untrue at the same time.

Yesterday, when I walked through the park, I saw a woman feeding squirrels. She said, when I stopped to watch, “What is it you want?” and I couldn’t determine whether she was talking to me or to the squirrel.

I walk a lot. This city is the city I will remember as the one I was living in when I first began to notice the physical effects of aging. And yet I am more or less fit. If I can say one thing about happiness, it isn’t this: observe and remember as many things as you can.

The woman with the squirrels, she was sitting on a bench. Her hair was so long that it covered her face when her face was turned toward the ground, which it was when I happened to pass by, and stop.





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