Two Poems

Two Poems

The wounded deer
died in the impossible
garden. Did it become
the orchid that shouldn’t
be there, the cactus dying
in a rain puddle? The trestle
bridge carries more weight
than my body, but the heft
of a memory changes

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The Social Virtues Series

tilt shift photography of green fruit

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Two Poems

Two Poems

Horizontal pock-marked rocks lie
in the shallow swamp like tombstones
to fallen alligators—as if to say Cassius
lived here, Orion slept there, and Sirius
ate turtles just beyond this path.

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Why Write? #7:  Tony Magistrale

Why Write? #7: Tony Magistrale

A poet of place and love, Tony Magistrale's poems have large arms in which to envelope his readers. The force of this love is sometimes poignant sometimes painful, but always just right. A poet with backbone and a real heart, now that's nice.   Why Write? The...

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Why Write? #6:  Laird Hunt

Why Write? #6: Laird Hunt

For this installment of Why Write?, novelist Laird Hunt goes global. Discussing his work with the UN; his summers in Hong Kong; the way the literary mind "bends" in Egypt, Nigeria, and elsewhere; Honda three-wheelers; Tycho Brahe; boilers; Rigborg Brockenhaus; Space...

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Why Write #5:  Matt Bialer

Why Write #5: Matt Bialer

For our our fifth installment of "Why Write?" we hear from poet, photographer, painter, literary agent, and father Matt Bialer, who's spent an enormous amount of time not writing -- happily, it seems -- but also an enormous time, we suspect, contemplating this...

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Why Write #4: Norman Lock

      "In truth?  In truth, Lock writes it, Lish reads it!--which is a damn sight more than Lish will say for Proust."  So says Gordon Lish of this installment's guest blogger, the amphibious Norman Lock--endlessly innovative yet stylistically as...

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New Issue Almost Here!

  Our 2011 winter issue ran a little late this year, but the wait's been worth it.  Weighing in at nearly 300 pages, Volume 24, no. 2 of GMR features poetry by Todd Boss, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Stephen Dunn, Bob Hicok, Major Jackson, Carl Phillips, Katherine...

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Why Write? #3:  Ben Aleshire

Why Write? #3: Ben Aleshire

        Our third installment of our Why Write? guest blogger series brings us Ben Aleshire, who typed up the below and mailed it to us from France.  One cannot emphasize enough the pleasure of receiving a typed note from France, the letters...

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