You orbit around a young star

In a rocket you travel to a pink planet

Fifty-seven light years from Earth

Four times the mass of Jupiter

Where no one will ever hurt you

No one will scare you

You hang upside down over the galaxy

You spin as fast as an electron

To the music you like in our living room

Where no one will grab your arm

Or tell you that you’re dumb

No one will make you do something

You don’t want to do

Unless it’s time to go to school when

You sport a fedora and high-top Adidas

And wear a Totoro backpack

Dirt and candy smeared across your face

Your outflung arms create a force vector

Torqueing our house into a whirl

This Dorothy makes her own tornado

No one will tell you things you already know

You know all the right words

Look into my eyes

My heart burns with righteous love

That’s been on fire for 20 million years

I swear, if anyone ever looks at you weird

I will destroy them with a one glance

I will remain nearby

In your residual scattered starlight

Camille Guthrie
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