Fool finally realizes why the marshall
deputized him and then blew town.

First thing he’ll have to do is buy
a gun—fast—then learn how to use it,

then try to round up some help. Trouble is
there’s only an half an hour before Miller

and his three goons arrive. And nobody
seems concerned about his plight. Many have

already gathered to watch the show. One guy’s
vending sandwiches. It’s too late to run.

If he dressed as a housewife or a granny,
somebody would probably give him away.

But surely Miller will see that Fool’s not
the guy he’s vowed to kill. When the moment

arrives, Miller says, “You ain’t who I’m
lookin’ for, but you’ll do.” Fool, playing

his last card, shouts, “I’ve got the plague,
and when your bullets hit, get ready for a dose

of plague spray, head to toe. See you
on Boot Hill, boys.” When the outlaws flee,

the crowd feels relieved at first, then let down,
till they get to watch Fool cleansed in a bonfire.

William Trowbridge
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