This river it isn’t / a river your mirror
it isn’t a curse / can you come back
to your body already / your hands they’re waiting
to hold themselves / your voice
thin sunlight / guitar strings
from far away / either are or aren’t
there / and so what
if they are

snip snip / go the scissors of Fate
everyone looks different now
with their hands / in the air
like it’s all some / thrill ride / like they’re standing
on the deck of a ship
sails hugely breathing / the wind
like a giant lung / full of salty breath
some dumb compass / spinning
for North / we’re all just
magnets with eyes / aren’t you
moving toward the water / are you
looking / in the mirror again

it’s made of sand / you know
what they say / lightning
never strikes twice / in one spot
it’s bullshit / like most things
the question is really / what makes it
what makes it return

Casey Patrick
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  • Echo - August 3, 2017