Congratulations to GMR contributor Anne Graue whose new poetry Full and Plum-Colored Velvet  was published in late 2020 by Woodsley Press.

Anne Graue is the author of Full and Plum-Colored Velvet, (Woodley Press, 2020) and Fig Tree in Winter (Dancing Girl Press, 2017). She has poetry in SWWIM Every Day, Rivet Journal, Mom Egg Review, Into the Void, and in numerous print anthologies, including The Book of Donuts (Terrapin Books, 2017) and Coffee Poems (World Enough Writers, 2019). Her reviews of poetry collections have been published in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, The Rupture, Whale Road Review, Green Mountains Review, and The Rumpus. She is a poetry editor for The Westchester Review.

“In Anne Graue’s Full and Plum-Colored Velvet memories rise like heat off of a dusty road.

This book contains a childhood full of little ghosts, and the tensions and smoke that snake underneath a family. In these poems place is not just a spot on the map, but its weather, its foods, a rich world full of fauna and tornado sirens. Graue has given us

a collection full of remembrances that make the past vivid, and looks forward to a future with daughters carrying stories into a clear and calm summer.” – Tracy Brimhall

Anne Graue
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