thank you for being a present uplifting presence. main, these doors open the other way, what kind of truck we in? fade to live action footage of a haggard face man sitting on the curb with his shoes and socks off, picking at dead skin between his toes. let me clear my throat.1 by the way, thinking is the enemy of being present. the sentence-makers wisely back and forth between fader and turntables. a house of light. latticework of shadows, shivering softness. ya feel me? the belly’s hidden factory of grief. because you don’t know how to read her doesn’t mean she’s unreadable. at present, to feel a mixture of spinning and fading a bit uplifting. stunt as another transgressional sound chamber on the yard. to be cool behind a cat who got yo back the length of the bid. jopappy keep the put options small relative to much portfolio. we on every car that ride through here, gotta be.

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  1. DJ Kool. Lyrics to “Let Me Clear My Thoat (Live)”. Genius, 2019,