Mason Bee

Mason bees, who belong to the genus Osmia, do not live in colonies but solitarily. Some subspecies have unusual habits, such as lining their nest cavities with flower petals.


Like a religious

you stack your eggs into reeds

and seal each chamber

with a dome of clay.


There is an indian in a hat

who stands in the wind;

whose lips are pressed to

a bamboo flute.

He is calling the hums

inside his heart.

He is calling his bees.

Incantation for a Dead Bee


I will wrap you in a leaf

and cup my hands


over you.

Inside your red dome


you are powerful.

Where the light comes


between my fingers

you are powerful.


Flower-dust on your legs

you are powerful.


I will lay you into

the earth, bee.


Under your small mound

you are powerful.


I am nothing, bee,

next to you.


Lola Haskins
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