Light Control


          I have never been inside myself
          Another place wants me dead
          It is built in a ring around my core
          Like asking a donut how to live
          It can only cry and be eaten
          Don’t you see
          Angels have tried to help me
          And I smiled for them
          Feeling genuinely good and kind
          Then after a while I got tired
          Of being on good behavior
          They never asked for perfection
          But I felt I needed to perform
          And the smile stayed no matter what I did
          Even when dying improperly
          I left everyone I knew in the other room
          But I picked them back up again
          Teach me to die teach me to die
          I want to create a beautiful dying
          The end will need to be dark and soft
          Like walking home to your real mother


Visible World

          I bang
          my forehead
          on a thing
          then go oops
          the sky
          it looks like
          sheet rock
          or a joke
          it is
          the sky
          I am
          on a stroke
          up there
          is for people
          who do not
          it all
          is already
          they build
          a lab
          that burps
          I will


Melissa Broder

MELISSA BRODER is the author of two collections of poems, most recently Meat Heart (Publishing Genius, 2012). Poems appear or are forthcoming in The Iowa Review, Guernica, FENCE, The Missouri Review, Drunken Boat, et al. Two other poems my Melissa Broder have also appeared on this site.

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