Where the Hunter Holds

                       Best to face east
          with the front door
          out of the forest.
                       Best to face east
          with a daughter’s room,
          windows in bloom.
                       Best to face east
          where Venus steps
          out of the forest.
                       Best to face east
          where the hunter
          holds the three-star
                       sword, the east
          punishment. The three
          Marias are sleeping
                       in their room,
          dreaming of the tomb
          where they can’t find him:
          feet or shoulders,
                       winter maker.
          They slip in sleep
                       out of the forest.
          Best to face east
                       when you wake.

Stories of Stone

                       Best to face west
          when you confess,
          heart come out of your chest.
                       Best to face west,
          the full riverbeds,
          the threads of questions.
                       Best to face west
          for running home
          to stories of stone.
                       Best to face west
          where the sun has met the edge
          of white oak forest,
          The farmer found them
          as long as he could remember,
                       not a deliberate hunter
          but after a rain, they rose,
          again, again.  He stepped
          down off his tractor,
                       and the last
          he found before he died, a cache
                       of weapon heads
          of stone, he returned to the rise
                       to the west.
                       Best to face west
          when you ask.
                       Just put them back,
          he said, back in their place.
ANGIE MACRI’s recent work appears in cream city review and Moon City Review. An Arkansas Arts Council fellow, she teaches in Little Rock. Her chapbook Fear Nothing of the Future or the Past is available from Finishing Line Press.