Can cats tell the difference between a real and electric fire
Does cold air blow in or warm air flow out
Do you have dreams where you fly out a window.
Phone is like the windowpane slightly wearing your face
Your heart’s a wet fire. That means you lack air
Your dream is the piece of toast you left in the toaster this morning

Did you ever see your reflection on top of a picture of you?
Did your shadow ever cross the projector.
The phone is like a painting I can bring you up in
From outside, I see your face inside a frame
When I am standing looking out my window
From outside, the tree sees my face in the frame
Behind me my favorite shadow hangs.

I used to look for
The titration of your name
In the shivering leaves
In twinkling stars
Wrinkling water
But now I don’t.
The leaves move
Saying their own thing
Doing their old thing
The dance duet
Where the invisible one
Is the stronger
The leaves don’t know you
You’re like the wind.

Forgets a lot
Too much
Doesn’t know where
The keys are
A hundred open tabs
Full of the jobs
She didn’t apply to
Songs she didn’t
Colors that never
Got on her hands
Stand on either side of
The narrow hallway
To heaven
Hung with the
She didn’t buy
There is a different way
To know things
I swear
Even without
Doing them sometimes
Touching them
With my mind
It’s paradise
And I’ll take paradise
Over heaven

Ana Božičević
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