compass point prick page
pencil stub draw arc
graphite arc sizzle light
burn thou insistent sun

bright head nestle elbow
heel-round graze wrist
hot mouth draw nipple
take thou body take

dawn slip closet shut
kneel love rustle silk
pant heart secret here
thou secret forest lake

forest clearing run pant
lake sedge lush back
sink back hips grass
thou liquid liquidly

tink pebble drunk glass
curtain pane open light
open break open bloom
thou blossom rose heart

thou noble gas
thou pinky thumb
thou rose glass
thou pigtail
thou pea vine
thou infant
thou coneflower
thou raw earth

bow gust sheet shiver
pitch play bend suck
cling fall pierce wet

what thou is
oh thou is
what thou am


Amy Hassinger

AMY HASSINGER is the author of three novels, two of them published, the third hunting a home. Her writing has won awards from venues including Creative Nonfiction, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Illinois Arts Council, and she has published work in magazines including Creative Nonfiction, The Writers’ Chronicle, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and teaches in the University of Nebraska’s MFA in Writing Program. You can find out more about her at

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