O has-been mother of the free-flowing booze
& handy diet pills,

You cashed me in—a cool sacrifice: to jump-
Start your floundering career,

You let the bozo Lothario
You got hitched to

Turn me into his very own
Beverly Hills 90210 Pinocchio,

While Ms. Pampered As F____ Actress was oh-so-busy
Elsewhere: sloshed, passed out

On Tarantino’s set, or tanning
In some posh Emerald Coast location.

When the subject turned to
Your eldest son’s welfare, you flat-out lied

To the drooling media,
On your coke-nosed Gepetto’s behalf,

But my adorable, Clearasil nose
Never grew an inch in the courtroom—

Mama, on the witness stand,
You’re like the cagey shrike

Gauging King Solomon’s testing sword,
The lowdown, biblical fake,

Who, in order to stake
Her maternal claim,

Doesn’t hesitate to agree
To sever her young son’s body—

Cyrus Cassells
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