The Destroyer does not just use this line in the bedroom. There is context. Of course, in the core of the earth some liquid and some iron.

The Destroyer’s father believed he could concentrate and stop a man’s heart, at least that’s what he said after too many gin and tonics, and indelicate stories about his mother.

The Destroyer’s powers do not keep him from being the first to dive under a desk. Having powers to rattle the planet does not mean you can stop seizures.

The Destroyer concentrates during class, filled with older students like himself, looking to advance out of middle management. There is some seismic karma brewing.

The Destroyer must stay under control when in his boss’s office. The plates of the ocean floor causes friction like the worst coworkers or the best lovers.

The Destroyer is pissed that almost no one believes in his powers. When a big thing moves it can seem like nothing. When a small thing shakes it can feel like crying.
Photo by M. Keefe

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