Human beings ought to emulate the birds.
Every millisecond on TV is a birdbrained lie.
And I love TV very much so I can say it.
A soothing mixture, pain and plenty.

The average American spends 500 hours
per year in disbelief. The rest, in ennui.
Once upon a time, we were pure, you and I.
We lived on separate shores of America,

which sounds like a song we learned in third grade.
I mentioned a movie, you provided a quote,
and vice versa. Also, you were beautiful.
It was as if I had known you forever.

And when, the first time, we disagreed—
it’s so difficult to adjust the tone of inquiry—
we fought like vicious warriors for months
then years until, finally, we both surrendered.

As birds do, every day of their boring lives.

Steve Langan
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