I get lucky in Virginia and slip through the open window of a Winnebago waiting at a Hardee’s drive-through. A large male human in his mid-sixties drives through the night listening to conspiracy radio. read more

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Darwin’s Fox

When I was growing up in Ireland, magpies had an evil reputation. In contrast to our liking for robins, blackbirds, thrushes, and other common birds, magpies were reviled. They were considered rogues, condemned as the criminal element of the avian world. read more

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The Jaguar As I enter the garage to lift weights, I hear a vicious roar. To my surprise, I find a turquoise jaguar sitting on the washer. I drop my water bottle and run back to the kitchen. I retrieve a birthday cake from the fridge, and throw it to the jaguar. read more

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We played croquet in the yard, cartwheeling when we felt it. When her mom would call us in for lunch, we'd save the game for later, or the next day, or the next one. Her mother smoked those minted cigarettes . . . read more

Why Write? #12: Edward Mullany

It seems fitting to conclude this season's Why Write? series as deftly as Daryl Scroggins began it. And who is more deft than Edward Mullany? Why Write? An old woman tells the story of how, in her youth, she fell in love with a man who was not the man she would later...

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Why Write? #11: Suzanne Wise

Alice Fulton has said of Suzanne Wise's work that "it bristles with the struggle to define and comprehend the absurd component of evil and despair." Here in her "Why Write?" piece she turns toward the "monastic devotion" that it takes to write, to look Reality...

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GMR Turns 25!

  We're thrilled to announce our upcoming 25th Anniversary Retrospective issue, out later this spring.  This issue will celebrate the very best poetry, interviews, and essays on poetry from the magazine’s first quarter-century. We’ll also have a special “Talk...

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