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Review of DRAWING A DIAGRAM by Rosemary Badcoe

The great English critic Matthew Arnold once said that he had no respect for the Romantic poets--you know, Shelley, Wordsworth, Byron--because they didn’t know enough. He would not level such a charge against Rosemary Badcoe, who in her remarkable first collection, Drawing a Diagram, so amply and skillfully demonstrates that she knows a great deal – about science, about history, about art, and most importantly for a poet, about writing poetry. read more

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Two Poems

Two Poems

“Radioactive decay is the set of various processes by which unstable atomic nuclei (nuclides) emit subatomic particles. Decay is said to occur in the parent nucleus and produce a daughter nucleus.” read more


They have no names on their jerseys, only numbers. Names boost the ego, the former coach had said. Names separate the team. We all win. We all lose. read more
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