Jacob DeCarlo is new to NVU-Johnson, having transferred in as junior from the far-off land of Connecticut. He is a creative writing major and hopes to one day write a book that at least 20 people purchase of their own volition. He enjoys writing fiction and strives to write a satirical novel so sarcastic that even he can’t tell if he’s joking.

Tijana Ganun is a senior at NVU-Johnson who grew up in the “Big Apple.” She is an interdisciplinary studies major with concentrations in literature, art and philosophy. Her dream job is to be a writer and currently Tijana likes to write about anything that is inspiring to her in the moment.

This is Lauren Arseneau’s senior year at NVU-Johnson. Lauren is an interdisciplinary studies major, combining parts of the creative writing, wellness and alternative medicine, and outdoor education disciplines. She is originally from the small town of Thetford Center, Vermont. If she had to choose a dream job, Lauren has said that she would want to be a writer.

Kylie Gellatly is a junior at NVU-Johnson and studies creative writing. She grew up in Connecticut and spent her early adulthood in Richmond, VA, where she cooked in restaurants and played in bands, until moving to Johnson, VT in 2017. Kylie enrolled at NVU in 2018 and has been writing poetry ever since. Lately, her writing has focused on alienation and perception in memory. Some of her favorite poets include Alice Notley, Anne Carson, and Anna Akhmatova. Her book reviews have appeared in Green Mountains Review and are forthcoming in Pleiades and has been awarded two fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center.

Gabby Wells transferred to NVU-Johnson from SUNY Plattsburgh as a junior. Originally from Tupper Lake, NY, she moved to Johnson, where she is now a creative writing major. She is a big fan of horror fiction and one of her current favorite works is Stephen King’s short story collection The Night Shift. Gabby hopes to work in editing and publishing in the future and while she hasn’t yet found her niche in writing, she is happy to focus on craft and cultivating her voice.

Makayla Millette is a junior at NVU-Johnson from South Burlington, VT. She is studying creative writing and would like to work in the writing field in the future. Her dream job is to be either an author or editor, or possibly both. Mikayla likes to write about stories from her own life, as well as about the topic of mental health.